Screen Printed Marine Acrylic Canvas Pole Banners

Screen Printed Marine Acrylic Light Pole Banners

Light Pole Banners that are screen printed on marine acrylic are a favorite of schools, historic districts and high-end retail businesses. This style banner is the more classic, “old school” option for customers who desire a hand-crafted richly imprinted design on a solution-dyed premium fabric. This option also offer far greater durability and longevity than vinyl banners.

We can customize any aspect of an existing design you have, or using one of our stock banner designs as a starting point we can customize colors, text, and messaging to meet your exact requirements.

With our complementary Graphic Design & Artwork services you are able to work directly with someone on our team to create a banner design that captures your vision!

Screen Printed Pole Banner Features:

  • Traditional, classic looking banners. A favorite of schools and downtown districts.
  • Heat set, UV resistant, spot colors imprinted on solution dyed marine grade canvas.
  • Long term service life. 5 Years.*
  • Best for same design (or a few designs) across all banners in an order.
  • Higher volume runs will dramatically lower cost per unit.
  • Constructed with 100% solution dyed 9.5 oz marine acrylic
  • Printed with textile, heat cured inks
  • Spot color printing. Good for bold images, text, logos, and shapes
  • Special effects are achievable to obtain photo-realistic images on canvas, Metallic inks are an option as well
  • Double rolled side hems and pole pockets with double needle lock-stitch sewing with UV resistant, color matched thread
  • Brass spur-tooth grommets set in multiple layers of fabric to insure secure method for securing banner to bracket base.
  • Most economical choice with higher quantity purchases and/or same design

Canvas Color Options: Traditionally, Light Pole Banner designs have utilized a handful of different fabric colors that compliment the artwork. This chart shows the majority of canvas colors used in many designs, but in no way does it restricts your color, design and artwork needs. There are many color options of marine acrylic materials you can choose from. We can always provide you with a color swatch of the canvas you are considering for your design.


Service Life: It’s difficult to predict exact durability and longevity of any banner type as there are many variables that affect this benchmark, including weather conditions, banner hardware, and installation integrity. In our experience, our banners will perform as represented, when they are professionally installed, on a premium grade, high quality banner bracket system, utilizing the recommended, proper installation technique for that banner.

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