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Downtown spaces are some of the most treasured locales for most communities. It’s in these vibrant regions where revitalization and rebranding efforts are on the rise across the country, and the efforts are evident in small towns right up through large urban settings. These areas are the hubs where a renewed focus is on refurbishing and enhancing the downtown settings. Groups such as Economic Development teams, City Planners, Business Improvement Districts, Downtown Beautification Committees among others are creating plans to spur investment dollars, both from public and private sources, to create a vibrant, attractive and self-sustaining downtown presence.

One of the more popular approaches to engage, inform, advertise and promote the offerings available in these downtown settings are with the use of Downtown Light Pole Banners. Every downtown setting has light poles, whether large industrial light poles on urban streets, to smaller decorative light posts on sidewalks. These locations are perfect settings to install custom banners that are highly visible and are able to be imprinted with any number of promotional messages.

Uses for Downtown Pole Banners

There are many different approaches communities use when they utilize a light pole banner program. Some banner programs tout the offerings available in the downtown locale. Colorful banner designs are often used to incite visitors to “Eat, Shop, and Enjoy” at the various shops and businesses lining the downtown streetscapes. Others choose a simple message that says “Welcome” to the visitors. Still others use these banners to highlight a particular location of interest such as a Historic District or to promote an event happening downtown. 

These banners are an excellent medium for any and all types of promotions, advertising and messaging. Because they are highly visible and can be installed throughout a downtown setting, they can attract the attention of a far-reaching audience. In addition, the customization and creative design process used in creating these attractive banners, can bring color, artistry and beauty to any downtown environment.

Downtown Banner Styles

Here at Material Promotions, we offer three distinct pole banner styles. Which style is most appropriate for your use will depend on a number of factors:

Artwork: Is your artwork able to be produced in a spot-color format? If so you may be able to have your banners made as a Screen-Printed on Marine Acrylic product. Marine acrylic canvas is a product specifically designed for long term outdoor use and is used in a variety of products such as building awnings, outdoor furniture and umbrellas, and in the boating industry for boat covers and bimini tops. The screen-printing process uses UV resistant inks and heat sets the artwork into the fabric at extremely high temperatures which creates a long lasting bond. Due to the unique processes in screen-printing where each spot color in a particular design needs its own screen prepared, and is imprinted individually, this process is best when the same design is used on all the banners in a given order.

For banners that have full color designs, photographic images, or have many multiple designs in a given order, we offer a Digitally Printed Poly Canvas banner product. With this product you can have some of the same benefits of the Screen-Printed Marine Acrylic product such as longevity, durability and color fastness, while having the ability to utilize multiple designs within a given order. These banners are printed with 3M UV inks on marine-grade poly canvas.

Pricing: While there isn’t a direct correlation between the three banner styles we offer and pricing, the third type of banner we offer, can often be the most economical choice. The banner style is a Digitally Printed Vinyl Banner. As with the Digitally Printed Poly Canvas banner, you have the option of having multiple designs within a given order, with the ability to have full-color and/or photographic images in the artwork. We produce these banners on a premium, 22 oz. Blockout Vinyl material, using eco-friendly HP latex inks.

As it can often be a less expensive option the Digital Printed Vinyl Banners are often used in the very popular Hometown Heroes Military Tribute Banner programs as well as programs where banners are changed out seasonally.

For our recommendations on the most appropriate banner style for your application, or simply for more information, we invite you to reach out to any of our Design Consultants at 888-757-8908 to discuss your project in more detail.  

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How To Place Downtown Banner Orders With Material Promotions?

The quickest most efficient way to inquire about your Downtown Banners is to give us a call at 888-757-8908. Our Sales and Design Consultants can review your specific requirements, make proper recommendations and assist you in the Design process, offering design ideas, art proofs and even print output samples, including free banner samples. 

Give us a call today. We are at your Service!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we offer complimentary Creative Services for our customers. We can work with you to incorporate your logo into one of our existing Downtown Banner Designs, or use a design that you supply. Most banner designs can be modified and reconfigured to create a completely unique and custom design. Background colors, fonts and images can all be changed out to create a visually stunning and perfectly representative image for your downtown.

Yes, there are some limitations and caveats in the design process. Due to the number of variables at play when designing a custom product, it’s very helpful to get advice and recommendations from our Graphic Designers early in the ordering process. They can recommend options such as materials, sizing, photo quality, dpi(dots per inch) resolution needed, among other things that can affect the final design output.

Yes, the best way to place an order with us is with a phone call. Every product we make is completely unique and custom for our customers requirements and as such, it’s not feasible to have an e-commerce platform, that works fine for stock items. An initial phone call with one of our Design Consultants will ensure all the necessary information is collected, and the scope of the project is accurately assessed. From this stage on, other forms of communication can be handled through normal email channels, such a sending and receiving art approvals, change orders, order/artwork confirmation, invoicing and payment remittance which can be done directly through a Quickbooks invoice that you will receive. Finally you will receive by email an official UPS tracking document, letting you know the delivery status of your order.

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