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Custom Flags are an eye-catching promotional item that can help you maximize your in-store sales or host a successful outdoor event. These flags are the perfect option if you wish to stand out on a busy street or a crowded trade show event, as they are an excellent high-visibility marketing product. Undoubtedly, online marketing dominates these days, but traditional advertisements using custom banners and light pole flags will always remain the typical first touchpoint for customer interaction.

Material Promotions is your soft signage specialist! We are experts in high-volume screen printing and digital printing on all fabrics, nylons, and vinyl materials. If your business, school, or city envisions a high-flying flag featuring your logo, mascot, or emblem, let’s make that happen. Our custom flags are durable, portable, and cost-effective advertising tools. These sturdy printed flags give you an opportunity to get your brand name, logo, and colors noticed by road traffic and pedestrians alike.

Our Custom Flags Details

– Custom-printed outdoor flags are available in a variety of standard or custom sizes.

– Available in both Single side and Double-Sided printing. Single-sided printing is known as Reverse Read where the image is readable on one side only. Double-sided printing is known as Right Read where the image and text is readable from both sides.

– Custom flags can be finished in a variety of ways. The typical finishing technique is to have a reinforced “header” —material heavier than the flag material—on one side with brass grommets. The remaining 3 sides are sewn hems. Another popular finishing technique is for the “header” side to be finished with a pole sleeve instead of the reinforced hem and grommet option. These flags have a pole sleeve that allows the flag to slide onto the poles. At the entry side, there are strings or webbing loops installed to secure the flag to the flag pole hardware.

– You can design a flag using a design tool or through our free design services.

– Available with flagpole hardware kits.

– High-volume screen printing and digital printing on tear-resistant, lightweight knitted fabric with excellent thru-print like nylons and vinyl materials.

Custom 3×5 Flags By Material Promotions

Custom flags are a great way to advertise, promote and deliver unique messaging whether offering information about identity location, products, or branded logos. These products are highly visible, colorful, and eye-catching options for your promotional needs. These custom flags can be flown from typical stand-alone flag poles or from specific flag hardware that can be mounted on a series of light poles.

When mounting a custom flag on a flag pole that has the U.S. flag displayed there are certain protocols and flag etiquette that must be observed. Information regarding flag display protocol can be reviewed at this link:
Guidelines for Display of the Flag (

  • Custom Sizing Options: Apart from standard sizes, we offer different size options ranging from 18″ x 12″ to 10′ x 6′. We also customize the size of custom flags as per customer needs.
  • Print and Material Quality: We print our flags on high-quality and durable nylons and vinyl materials using high-volume screen printing and digital printing. These advanced printing techniques produce superb, bold, high-definition prints to draw the attention of any passerby. 
  • Premium UV Resistant Flag Material: Our custom flags are printed on a variety of high-quality and durable synthetic fabrics with different fabric weights and fabric properties for any product application.
  • Finishing Options: Besides high-quality printing and premium materials, we also offer excellent flag finishing options such that you can design and finish your flag exactly how you need it to be. Whether single or double-sided, or being displayed from a flag pole or light poles, on a wall, or from overhead rafters, our custom fabrication services can finish your flags expertly and to your exact specifications.

Why Should You Choose Us?

Whether you need a logo flag or a complete custom flag, Material Promotions offers you virtually unlimited options in design and product finishing. We have years of experience as custom flag makers and are proud to offer them at highly competitive rates. We also help our customers design their flags should they have the need. Whether you need a custom flag for your event or a flag with a company logo for advertising purposes, our professional designers can help you design the best flag possible for no additional cost. Feel free to contact us today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Logo’s can be as large as the size of the flag. In fact, since flags are moving and waving much of the time, the larger the logo the better.

It is not recommended to wash custom flags, however if the flag does get extremely dirty or suffers the indignity of bird droppings, the flags can be washed in warm water, by hand, with a very mild detergent. No bleach or other chemicals should be used. Once washed, the flag can be reinstalled and it will dry quickly.

No, it’s never a good idea to apply that type of heat to flag material.

Flag banners need to be stored completely dry or mold and mildew can become an issue. Once the flag is taken down and washed appropriately if needed, the flag must be completely dry before rolling the flag up on a cardboard tube to prevent creases.

Custom flags can be made in any number of sizes. Some of the more typical sizes are 3’ x 5’, 4’ x 6’ and 6’ x 8’. Of course, as a custom banner and flag manufacturer, we can construct flags of virtually any size needed.

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