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Summer is the season of long warm days filled with events and activities. It’s a time of festivals, farmers markets, downtown events, music-in-the-park concerts among other activities, and with it, comes a significant increase in foot traffic, visitor numbers and community engagement. Summer, then, is the perfect time to advertise, promote and market your company offerings.

But how to leverage this weather for your business or event? The summer season provides a great opportunity to reach a much broader audience, then, perhap during the winter months and as such, if you own a business, summer is probably the best season to market your goods and services. Or, if you’re planning to organize a fundraising event with effective promotion, well designed and well placed banners and graphics can increase your odds for having a great turn out. 

There are numerous ways to promote your business or events, from online and offline advertisements. But if your target audience is located locally, then nothing matches the impact of the display banner. They are a great medium to attract the attention of the local community. You can mount the banners inside or outside your business or event place, and there are a multitude of display options to meet every budget and requirement. From light pole banners, to custom flags, from over-the-street banners, to pop-up displays, your summer message can be displayed virtually in any environment. 

Banner Advertising is The Best Way For Promotions

Advertising is a way to communicate the message to the end user clearly and effectively. You can select from print, broadcast, and digital advertising depending on your budget and target audience. For instance, if your business or event has a mass appeal, you must combine online and offline advertising. However, if you’re targeting a local customer for an upcoming community event, it’s best to use banner advertising. It is the best inexpensive arsenal for any business or event organizer to attract an audience. Banners have been used for promotional purposes for years as they are highly visible, fully customizable, and are a cost-effective medium for advertising and promotional needs. Since banner advertising options come in a variety of display choices your promotion can be positioned virtually anywhere.

Whether you want to use a summer banner for a storefront or out-of-home advertising, it can generate significant returns on your investment. Plus, it is a lucrative option to target the local audience without getting into the complicated structure of digital advertising. In addition, it is a long-term investment when you choose suitable materials for banners.

Creates Brand Awareness

Digital advertising can be very effective, but it alone cannot catch your customers’ attention. Whether promoting an event, decorating a downtown streetscape with custom light pole banners, or using custom displays, these options often spur word-of-mouth and referral business from neighboring communities.

Summer banners are excellent for promoting a community event. Once you have your locations picked out, you can contact our design team to assist you in putting together a powerful and effective concept. 

Want To Boost Sales? Create A Strong Seasonal Promotion With Summer Banners!

Boosts Sales

You can utilize banner design to reinforce and support your business strategy whether it’s sales promotions, customer engagement or simply a campaign to increase brand awareness and company identity. Effective marketing can inspire impulse purchases for your customers or promote seasonal events.

Increases Visual Appeal

Whether you’re targeting local customers or a far broader audience, visual elements are the components that work to attract attention, increase interest and captivate your audience.Working with our expert and creative graphic designers, we can ensure you convey the information through an appealing visual format combined with innovative designs.

Engage With Your Audience Through Banner Advertising

Banners are an excellent option for promoting an upcoming school event, a community gathering, a farmers market or a festival. You can opt for a simple design and focus on the message delivery or attract your customers with witty and interesting quotes or copy. We have various design options if you want a summer academic banner for a fundraising event. You can also deliver press-ready art and we can replicate your artwork perfectly, regardless of what graphic option you choose. 

Whether you are installing light pole banners or need interior graphic displays, we can convert your message and/or information into a visually stunning display that will promote your vision and spur community or consumer engagement.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, having banners that are viewable from both sides is an industry standard with a few exceptions. Some custom flags are printed only on one side, with the reverse image visible on the back side. This is known as a reverse-read flag. Some building and architectural banners are mounted directly onto a building and as such are printed only on one side. Virtually all light pole banners, over-the-street-banners, event and advertising banners are made with double sided printing.

It’s not advisable to use website image to create your design. Many images are copyright protected or of such a low quality resolution they would be impossible to use. Any website image can be used for ideas or to reference a particular color scheme or theme on a banner design. Our designer’s can evaluate the image or images you submit and use them as idea generators or guidelines for the output you are looking for.

The graphics printing industry uses both large format and grand format designations for available banner sizes. The size range of banner sizes typically runs from a 38” wide banner up to 196” wide banner. Anything larger than that will need to be tiled together to accommodate larger sizes. For any large/grand format banner projects you may have, feel free to reach out to us directly for advice and recommendations.

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