What Kind of Light Pole Banner Should I Buy?

To determine which banner is best for you, the two main considerations are which images you want to use and how long you want the banner to last.

  • For classic banners with bold, non-realistic art and long term service life (3-5 years*), choose Screen Printed Marine Acrylic Canvas.
  • For photographic images (or lots of different designs in the same installation) and medium term service life (2-3 years*), choose Digitally Printed Poly Canvas.
  • For photographic images (or lots of different designs in the same installation) and short term service life (1-2 years*), choose Digitally Printed Vinyl. For small quantities, Digitally Printed Vinyl is the most cost effective.

What Size Should Our Banners Be?

Banner sizes are somewhat standard in the industry and are typically matched to the size and type of light pole they are going on. Generally, small decorative light poles will have 18” x 36” banners.

  • The average heights of light poles are 12′, 16′ or 20′.
  • Standard commercial light poles and/or utility poles will take any size banner from 24” x 48” up to 30” x 96”.
  • Note: These are guidelines only and since we are a custom manufacturer we can make any size light pole banner for virtually any application.
  • HINT: If you can, take a picture of someone standing next to the light pole you are putting your banners on and email it to us. We can help determine the size of pole banner you will need.
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What Kind of Artwork Do I Need to Provide?

We accept artwork in multiple formats from both PC and Mac including PDF, Adobe Illustrator, InDesign and Encapsulated PostScript. JPEG images cannot be used for screen printing regardless of resolution. Learn more about our artwork requirements here:

How Much Do Banners Typically Cost?

Banner pricing is based on the following:

  • Material banner (canvas or vinyl)
  • Size of banners
  • Quantity
  • Artwork/design requirements

Based on the cost of the raw materials and the labor involved, canvas banners are typically more expensive than vinyl. However there are situations where large runs of simple canvas banners can be less expensive than vinyl.

With both styles of banners, the simpler the art requirements are, the less expensive is the cost. For vinyl banners, multiple designs and different images on each side of the banners will be more expensive than a given run of all the same design, on the front and back of all banners. For canvas, multiple ink colors in the design and multiple designs in the project will be more expensive than a given run of a single ink color banner with the same image on the front and back of all banners.

Do You Offer Design Services for Customized Banners?

Absolutely! There are a number of ways to go about creating the perfect banner design. We can design a unique and beautiful banner from scratch for you. We can take your ideas and concepts and turn them into a stunning and eye-catching display. We can take an existing banner design that you have, or use one of our many stock and custom designs from our design gallery and make it as personal and customized as you desire.

Where Are You Located? Will You Ship to Me?

Material Promotions is located at 145 Railroad Hill St, BLDG. B in Waterbury, Connecticut. We ship to businesses and municipalities all through out the world! Contact us with any shipping questions or concerns.

Please do not hesitate to contact Material Promotions with any questions about our products & services! Call 1-888-757-8908

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