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Pole Banner BracketsCustom printed light pole banners are an incredible way of promoting your business, special event, or festivals in the neighborhood. Our custom-printed pole banners can beautify the streetscape and give you a sense of civic pride. Shops, council property, developers, and center managers use pole banners to promote business areas and facilities available. Having an attractive flag pole banner is not enough; you need sturdy brackets for lamp posts that remain taut and withstand harsh weather conditions. Our banner bracket systems are the perfect choice.

Banner BracketsMaterial Promotions offers banner brackets in various styles, models, configurations, and pricing options. Choices range from the most common alloy base and fiberglass banner arm kits to the highly engineered multi-part spring-loaded banner bracket kits. Different bracket systems can be chosen based on application and budget requirements. For most applications, our Premium Banner Bracket system is the more appropriate option. For extremely high wind areas, or for over-sized banners, such as 28” x 84” or 28” x 96”, our Premium Spring-Loaded Banner brackets are a good option.

Premium Banner Bracket Systems That Perform

light pole banners and bracketsOur Premium Banner Bracket Systems are a perfect combination of high-quality components, precise engineering, and affordable pricing. These bracket kits significantly reduce wind load on light poles and are engineered to allow the light pole banners to deflect the wind load which keeps the banners taut and stable in breezy conditions. Our light pole banner bracket kits keep the light pole banners from flapping and fluttering which keeps the fabric, stitching, and printed images from degrading over time. The material strength and sturdiness ensure your advertising banners have a longer life than any other banners or flags, providing hassle-free promotion, branding, and advertising.

Our high-performance sign mounting brackets are an ideal complement to our high quality, high performing light pole banners. and are available in two styles to meet any banner installation requirement. Our full line of street-mounted pole banner products is an excellent addition and a smart investment choice that will keep your pole banners performing optimally for years. You can buy light pole banner hardware only or order complete light pole banners and brackets in various lengths in single or double-sided banner bracket sets. No matter what you need, we can ensure high-quality flag pole banners and bracket systems at highly competitive rates.

Turn Empty Space into Promotional One with Our Expert Suggestion!

We can provide expert advice and recommendations concerning price, features, warranties, and installation issues. Installation considerations include: types of banding and strapping for existing poles, whether or not to paint or powder-coat brackets, and the size of the pole arms in relation to the banner sleeves. As a member of the International Sign Association (ISA), we have access to professional installation resources across the country that can provide the expertise and guidance you need when choosing the right banner bracket system every step of the way. We won’t leave you hanging! We also offer a vast selection of digitally printed vinyl pole banners and graduation banners! Don’t hesitate to call with questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our standard bracket kits come in two sizes we call Deluxe and Junior. The Deluxe bracket kits are made of cast aluminum alloy bases. The fiberglass banner bracket arms are constructed with an aluminum collar at the inboard end that is inserted into the mast in the bracket base. This collar offers stability and rigidity between the banner arm and the base. The kits are supplied with 6 stainless steel bands, 2 security clips, and 2 steel wire ties to secure the banner to the banner bracket base,  The Deluxe model bases are silver in color.

The Junior bracket kits are constructed with the same high-quality materials and are used typically on smaller banner installations. Often these brackets are used on smaller, more traditional light posts that are decorative in nature and often painted black. The Junior model bases and banding are black in color to match the light poles being used.

Both of our banner bracket systems are engineered to withstand wind loads up to 75 mph when professionally installed. Professional sign installers will carry out all the proper techniques and methods to ensure the brackets will perform as intended, and be capable of handling periodic wind gusts of 75 mph. Clearly, banners will act as sails during extremely high wind events and no banner installation should remain up during prolonged and excessive wind conditions.

If possible, it’s always best to have a professional sign installation company install your banners. These companies have the equipment and expertise to ensure your banner install project is done according to best practices and will give you years of trouble-free service. You can always contact the International Sign Association and inquire about locating an installer in your area. You can find them at this address:

International Sign Association (signs.org)

If you are having the installation done in-house there are some key points to keep in mind. Large vertical banners are very susceptible to wind pressure and act as “sails” when there’s a significant breeze happening. The single-most important aspect of a proper banner install is that the banner is held extremely taut between the top and bottom banner arms. There should be no “twist” in the banner arms relative to the light pole. The top and bottom banner arms need to be in perfect alignment, both at zero degrees in relation to the light pole. If the banner arms are protruding off the light pole at different degrees, the banner, once installed, will have an induced “twist” in its’ profile which will cause it to bow and create an even more significant, wind sail, which is detrimental to the banner integrity and induces undesirable wind load on the light pole itself. 

Here is an example of a professionally installed light pole banner. Notice the banner is held extremely taut between the top and bottom banner arms and is projecting off the light pole with no twist.


We offer 3 styles of premium light pole banner brackets. For smaller decorative light poles we have a black powder coated Junior model. For larger light poles we have a silver powder coated Deluxe model. For high wind locations, we offer a premium spring loaded bracket system which will withstand even the highest and most prolonged wind events.

Light pole banner brackets are sold by reputable sign and banner manufacturing companies. There are however, many inexpensive and poorly made brackets available on the internet. To protect your investment in high quality light pole banners, it makes sense to pair them with high quality light pole banner brackets. If you have any questions regarding light pole banner bracket systems, please reach out to us directly at 888-757-8908.

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