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Material Promotions is an expert, large-format graphics production company offering both screen printing & digital output capabilities on a wide variety of substrates. We offer a full line of promotional graphics serving business, academic, retail, and municipal markets across the country. We pride ourselves on providing affordable, high-quality large-format graphics, banners and signage for every budget.

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Our Product Line Includes:

  • Light Pole Banners
  • Premium Pole Banner Brackets
  • Large-format Banners
  • Architectural Banners
  • Windscreen/Privacy Banners
  • Custom printed Tents
  • Over-the-Street Banners
  • Custom Flag Banners
  • Custom Printed Table Drapes
  • Rigid Signage
  • Vertical Banners and Banner Stands
  • Custom Printed Fabric Backdrops
  • Full line of Premium Display Graphics & Display Hardware

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Light Pole Banners:

Wherever there is a light pole-whether a wooden utility pole, a commercial light pole or a smaller, decorative light post–there is a great opportunity to install a custom light pole banner. We offer three unique styles of pole banners including, screen-printing on marine acrylic, digital printing on marine grade poly canvas and digital printing on premium 22 oz Blockout vinyl.

Premium Pole Banner Brackets:

We offer a full line of premium pole banner bracket kits. These high-quality bracket systems are engineered to withstand 75 mph winds and other severe weather conditions. They are easy to install, utilizing 6 stainless, quick release bands, 3 bands for each of the top and bottom bracket bases. The fiberglass banner arms have an aluminum reinforcement at the end of the banner arm that is inserted into the bracket base and secured with a retaining pin. This feature allows for the bracket bases to stay permanently mounted on the light poles while allowing the fiberglass banner arms to be removed during times when there are no banner installation occuring.

Large-format Graphics:

Our large-format graphics are printed on a variety of media substrates including marine acrylic canvas, marine grade poly canvas, premium block out vinyl, poly mesh, nylon, and a broad selection of media-ready fabrics. We utilize screen-printing on marine acrylic, with UV resistant inks that are heat set into the canvas. Additionally, with our digital printing operations, we utilize both eco-friendly Latex inks as well as premium 3M UV inks.

Vertical Banners and Banner Stands:

One of the most popular large-format graphics products is the ubiquitous retractable banner/bannerstand item. This product features the ultimate in ease and portability. The graphic is housed inside the base of the stand and is easily pulled up for display and retracted for storage. There are numerous sizes and styles of bannerstand products to meet any need and budget. There are economy models for those situations that require occasional use as well as heavy-duty, deluxe models that can accompany a sales “road warrior” from event to event. There are many substrates that are used in these products, from economical no-curl vinyl, to very high end polyester fabrics.

Custom Printed Tents:

Our custom printed tents come in a variety of sizes and configurations from simple overhead tents to fully enclosed, private spaces. This option allows for custom printed messaging and branding to be shown on both side and back walls. Our tents are extremely easy to set-up and take-down and are easily stored between events in our rugged carry cases.

Over-the-Street Banners:

Over-the-street banners are ideal for promoting your business or event in busy public spaces. They are typically used on main thoroughfares leading into a city center where their high-impact, visibility broadcasts the messaging to a wide audience.

Custom Flag Banners:

Custom Flag Banners are sometimes made out of nylon so they are light enough to “fly” in a breeze. These products can be made either as a single or double sided print. The single sided print will have the front side image showing through to the back. These are called Reverse-read flags. Some flags can be made with a double sided print do the image reads correctly on both sides. These are called Right-read flags. Another popular custom flag product is one that is constructed with a heavy marine acrylic canvas or with a marine-grade poly canvas. These flags are designed to hang in a more stable, less-movement arrangement as they often have imprints of single word messages such as “OPEN”, “SHOP” or “WELCOME” and need to be easily read. All custom flag banners can be made in a variety of different shapes. Some flags are simple rectangles. Others have angled cuts at the top since they are attached to flag poles that are angled about 45° upward from the face of a building. Still others can be constructed with “V” angles at the bottom, known as a chevron shape.  

Custom Printed Table Drapes:

Custom printed table drapes are a favorite at trade shows, events, school functions, retail spaces, seminars and any number of places where banquet tables are being used. Table drapes can be constructed in a variety of different configurations and materials. Polyester fabrics are the most popular choice for table drapes where they can be imprinted, in full color, with full coverage on all sides of the table drape. There are a number of ways these products can be made. Some are constructed as simple rectangular drapes that cover all 5 sides of the banquet table. Some are constructed with a spandex fabric that stretches over the “frame” of the banquet table giving it a tightly gathered and interesting look. Some table drapes are constructed to be “conversion” drapes that can cover both a 6’ and 8’ banquet table which are the two most popular and standard table sizes.

Rigid Signage:

Rigid signage is a very specialized type of large-format graphics, and it’s used extensively in retail environments, trade shows and events such as seminars and meetings. Due to its rigid characteristics these sign products are usually displayed either overhead or on some type of easel display frame. There are a variety of rigid substrates that are used to create this type of signage, from simple inexpensive Coroplast to very high-end metal faced signboard.

Architectural Banners:

Architectural Banners are typically used in exterior applications where the banners are affixed to buildings. Depending on the application, these banners can be imprinted any number of ways on a variety of different substrates. Some banners are printed single-sided and mounted directly against a building wall. Others can be printed double-sided and mounted perpendicular to a building on industrial grade steel building brackets, similarly to a standard light pole banner arrangement.

Windscreen/Privacy Banners:

Windscreen/privacy banners are perfect for advertising, branding and promoting events. Typically these banners are attached to fencing that surrounds athletic fields but often are used in the construction trade to cover utility and privacy fencing that surround a construction site. Often these privacy screens are imprinted with the architects and developers vision of what the completed renovation or construction will look like.

Custom Printed Fabric Backdrops:

Another very popular large-format display product is a custom printed backdrop. Typically much larger than vertical retractable banners, these products can be produced in sizes from a few feet wide to full stage coverage. They are essentially portable “walls” that can be easily assembled on site and taken down easily after an event. These products are used widely in Corporate, Academic, Entertainment and Retail environments. There are many, many options that are available with this exciting product, covering every application and ever budget. From 20’ wide curved “walls” with brilliant fabric, full color images to simple Pop-up expandable stands with a fabric banner attached by Velcro these products can be fully customized to meet any application requirement.

Full line of Premium Display Graphics & Display Hardware:

Custom-printed graphics come in many different varieties and sizes. Our full line of premium display hardware is designed to perfectly complement any type, style and size of your custom graphics needs. From simple to elegant, from economical to high-end, our complete line of premium display hardware will provide the perfect foundation for displaying any and all large-format graphics.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Typically the higher the resolution in the art files the better the output. Since much of the designing process for graphics is done with the Adobe product, high resolution files—.ai,.eps,.pdf—will usually be acceptable.

As with many custom products, the price of each individual unit is influenced by the total number of pieces in an order. For high volume product runs of banners such as lightpole banners and logo or branding banners, the cost will be based on the total quantity of units purchased. For large format custom graphics such as Architectural Banners or Large Backdrop Banner where there are typically only one or a few items ordered the price will be less dependent on the total quantity purchased

There are two basic Art services offered. When we work with a customer’s design that is essentially print ready with only color, text and copy changes to be modified we offer these services to our customers at no additional charge. Should a customer approach us with a request to design and develop a completely new branding initiative requiring many hours of work including A and B testing to evaluate the efficacy of a particular design the project will be quoted separately as a fee-based service.