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Honoring Those Who Honor Us with their Service

One of our more popular programs is designing and producing Military Tribute Banners. These commemorative banner programs also known as Hometown Heroes, Veteran Honor Banners, Our Fallen Heroes among others, are chosen by many communities that wish to acknowledge and honor those local individuals who have answered the call to be of service to their country. Unlike the more traditional, colorful downtown banner programs that promote community spirit or display welcoming invitations to “Shop, Dine & Enjoy”, our tribute banners are more somber in theme and offer a reflective and respectful design that is in keeping with the program’s intent.
Our Creative Services team will work alongside with you, step-by-step and guide you on the best processes on how best to gather the requisite materials such as photographs, copy, and design requirements to ensure that each and every banner represents your loved one’s contribution in the most fitting and honorable fashion.
As a nod to the sign of the times, some communities have expanded their Tribute Banner programs to include not only military personnel, but to the equally selfless group of first responders such as front-line health care workers, police, firemen and emergency medical technicians.
We have heard first-hand from many individuals how a gesture, as simple and ordinary as banners on a pole, has created a groundswell of community pride and a spirit of togetherness. Simply put, never forget.
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