Over-the-Street-Banners are one of the more unique products we manufacture. While they may not be suitable for all locations due to their size, many customers who have the space find them to be extremely effective promotional products. By virtue of their sheer size and placement, Over-the-Street-Banners, are an ideal choice for your promotional messaging to reach the broadest audience possible.

We manufacture Over-The-Street Banners for schools, municipalities, and downtown associations. This type of banner can be made with the screen-printing process on marine acrylic canvas or with our full-color digital process on exterior grade Blockout vinyl or poly canvas.

As with Lightpole banners, each style and construction method is designed around the particular intended use of the banner and, in some cases, on the artwork. 

For banners that are intended for long-term and repeated use, customers often choose the screen-printing on canvas option. We also can manufacture these banners with digital printing on exterior grade poly canvas for similar durability and longevity where full-color artwork is required. For short-term use, our digital printing on our 22 oz Blockout vinyl is the right choice.

This banner style can be fabricated in various ways depending on banner size, longevity expectation, and installation requirements. All sewing is done with webbing-reinforced hems with UV-resistant thread. Some larger banners are supplied with internal continuous rope systems with spliced thimbles at the 4 corners. 

Regardless of which banner size and style is appropriate for your application, all of our banner finishing details are engineered to ensure the banner will withstand the inherent stresses of this particular banner style and will meet all safety and durability requirements.

Customized Over-The-Street-Banners:

Customized Over-The-Street Banners

Material Promotions can manufacture the most appropriate banner style to meet the needs of both long term and short term applications. Our experienced design staff and product specialists can assist with creating the most effective and visually compelling designs while ensuring the most appropriate materials, printing methods and finishing techniques are used in the manufacturing process. Given the fact that many Over-the-Street-Banners are advertising a time sensitive event it’s alway recommended to begin the design and construction discussions well in advance of the date the banners need to be installed. Sometimes, due to circumstances out of anyone’s control, critical in-hands dates come about with very short lead times and in that case we will do everything we can to expedite the process while recommending a basic digital-on-vinyl banner that can be produced quickly to meet your deadline.

Uses of Over-The-Street-Banners

Schools: Schools use over-the-street banners to promote their school events. These include special events like art and book fairs, concerts, and sporting events among other things. Some schools utilize these large banners to promote important fund-raising campaigns, upcoming graduation and commencement activities. Over-the-street banners also help schools to advertise academic excellence and peer rankings to spur enrollment.

Uses of Over-The-Street Banners

Municipalities: Municipalities use over-the-street banners to promote community events, special town events, and other local activities. These can include any event that might be going on, such as the very popular 5K road races, downtown events and activities, parades, rodeos, and seasonal events and activities.

Election campaigns: Special events like parades and festivals can sometimes be an opportunity for political candidates to make their presence known. Politicians also use over-the-street banners when campaigning for elections. They use it the same way a school uses them to increase brand loyalty and get the word out about the event or candidate.

Concerts: Concert over-the-street banners are used to promote upcoming concerts. These events may have a small or large turnout, but some concerts are expected to get huge turnouts. Banners help create brand loyalty for the event and increase attendance. They also help promote additional ticket sales.

Downtown Associations: Downtown Associations use over-the-street banners to promote downtown events and attractions. These can include anything from holiday events, sporting events, and theatre productions. These banners help promote the area year-round and get the word out about special events.

Businesses: Businesses use over-the-street banners for a variety of reasons and applications. They are used for product launches, grand openings, sales promotions, cash incentives, and even to promote their store hours. Over-the-street banners are very effective for businesses to get their message out there.

Why Choose Us?

  • Our experienced design staff and product specialists have years of experience in designing the highest quality Over-the-Street-Banners for any application. With extensive experience in specifying the most appropriate materials, printing methods and finishing options your banner will most certainly exceed your expectations in quality, durability and appearance. 

Material Promotions

  • No matter the expanse you require to install the perfect Over-the-Street-Banner, we have the know-how and expertise to manufacture banners of any size.

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Over-the-Street-Banners are clearly one of the most eye-catching and visible products for promotions, advertising and effective messaging.

In the case of municipalities, due to their placement, often on streets leading into a downtown area, or on a prominent street location in a downtown setting, these unique banners are hard to miss! They reach a very broad audience of both vehicular and foot traffic.

Academic locations, whether roads leading into a campus setting or on large campuses, that have roads that criss-cross the campus itself are ideal spots for these high-impact graphics.

For any organization, entity, or business, who have the benefit of an ideal Over-the-Street-Banner location, there is no better, more cost effective way to promote, advertise and get your message out!

To find out more about our products and pricing or to place an order, please get in touch with us today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on the intended purpose of a particular banner in terms of short or long term use, a variety of materials are used to construct the banner. Additionally, the artwork and images on the banner may dictate which would be the most appropriate material to use.

There are a number of variables that dictate how these banners are finished, including the size of the banner, the material used, the intended service life (short or long term installation) and the method used to install the banner over the street. For smaller, short term use the banners are typically finished with a webbing reinforced hems with brass grommets set at equal distances apart. This scenario usually indicates the banner is made either with polyester mesh, or PVC vinyl. The installation site typically will have 2 parallel heavy-duty wires strung across the street and the banners are attached with carabiners or some other clasp-type device. For larger, long term banner installations, the finishing options can include sewn, webbing reinforced hems with internal ropes sewn into the top and bottom hems that are finished at the ends with stainless thimbles for attachment points.

There are two printing options available for these banners, either screen-printing or digital printing. For screen-printable designs the artwork needs to be spot color output. For multi-color, full-color designs (photographic images) the digital output is used.

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