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Put a Charge Into Your School Spirit!

Students, athletes, teachers, administrators and parents are your champions. Put a spotlight on your community with branding and signage that generates excitement.

Through our years of experience, we have witnessed firsthand the positive effect school spirit has on children and young adults. We are excited to share our unique knowledge. Our goal is simple — help you to spread school spirit and instill pride through stunning banners.

Material Promotions can help you celebrate your school spirit in fashion by decorating your light poles and buildings with our canvas banners. You can welcome your students, faculty and parents every day with colorful presentations of your logo, emblem, mascot or mission.

Our school banners are designed to have long lasting outdoor durability, rugged display features, pole banner brackets and hardware. Handcrafted and made in the USA, we can customize any banner to your preference. We offer complimentary art design so we can take your ideas and concepts and turn them into a colorful and appealing display. 

Design Ideas

Our academic light pole and over-the street banners are perfect for:

  • featuring your school name, logo and/or mascot
  • celebrating a championship or title
  • commemorating an institution anniversary or special event
  • announcing a new construction, donor or sponsorship.

Banner Choices

  • Screen Printed Marine Acrylic Canvas: Ideal for simple, bold art and maximum longevity with a long term service life of 3-5 years*. Best for traditional banners containing names, logos and mascots. Learn More
  • Digitally Printed Poly Canvas: Made for photographic images and unlimited color imprints with medium term service life of 2-3 years*. Choice for a durable banner capturing vibrant, digital imagery. Learn More
  • Digitally Printed Vinyl: Value choice for photographic images and unlimited color imprints with short term service life of 1-2 years*. Perfect for celebrations with specific dates and limited display time. Learn More

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