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Put a Charge Into Your School Spirit!

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Students, athletes, teachers, administrators, and parents are your champions. Put a spotlight on your institution with branding and signage that generates excitement.

Through our years of experience, we have witnessed firsthand the positive effect school spirit banners and other custom printed graphics can have on children and young adults. We are excited to share our unique knowledge. Our goal is simple — help you to spread school spirit and instill pride through stunning banners and graphics.


Material Promotions can help you celebrate your school spirit in fashion by decorating your light poles and buildings with our custom graphics products. From campus pole banners, athletic field windscreen banners, to entryway and hallway banners, you can welcome your students, faculty, and parents every day with colorful presentations of your logo, emblem, mascot, or mission statement.

One of the most common products used by many academic institutions are custom campus light pole banners. Our school pole banners are often paired with our premium pole banner brackets which offer a turn-key solution for schools that are

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interested in a new light pole banner program. All of our products are manufactured with the highest quality materials that are designed to provide long-lasting outdoor durability and service life. We can customize any banner or graphics to your exacting standards, with a keen attention to detail, with world-class workmanship. Our products are proudly made in the USA!

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Our product offerings coupled with our creative, innovative and complementary artwork and graphic design services, combine to ensure any of your custom graphics exceed your expectations.

Design Ideas

Our academic light pole banners, over-the-street banners, windscreen fence banners and entryway and hallway banners are perfect to:

Display the Sports Wins

Celebrating hard-earned championship titles is a never-ending tradition. So, display those victories with Campus Banners at any optimum location. It could be a gym or a sports field; let the banner speak for your team. It inspires future teams to play their best games. You can also display your team’s unbeatable winning streaks with catchy slogans to attract the attention of future students and the community. Display a banner, and let the students know about the inspiring athletic history of your institution every time they play or cheer for the teams.

Did your college team remain undefeated in basketball matches? Celebrate the achievement with Campus Banners!

Display Core Values

Every institution has a set of core values. These values serve as the foundation of every college or university. It promotes the spirit of an educational institution and lets students embrace the core values in their lives. You can promote these values through campus banners. It will act as a constant reminder for students to respect and abide by them. Whether it is integrity or excellence, with our banners,  you can raise awareness and keep a constant reminder of the schools’ core principles.

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Custom Pole Banners

Looking for Custom Pole Banner for Schools? Get in Touch With Us!

Promote Special Events

The academic experience, whether under graduate or secondary, are memorable times for every student. While they grow academically and seek to discover their passion and life and career choices, they gain valuable experience and secure memories that can last a lifetime. Every school or college organizes certain events to commemorate the students achievements, accomplishments or anniversaries. Your school or college can do the same while keeping the student body and local community apprised of important events and key academic milestones. Many schools that are planning a fundraising event, promote it through pole banners for School. These banners are an effective way to inform and raise awareness of these important events.

Custom Banners

While most academic institutions have very specific logos, slogans, mascots and school colors, our design team can work with you to incorporate all of these important elements into any type of custom graphics that are sure to please!

Banner Choices

Screen Printed Marine Acrylic Canvas: Ideal for simple, bold art and maximum longevity with a long-term service life of 3-5 years*. Best for traditional banners containing names, logos, and mascots. Learn More

Digitally Printed Poly Canvas: Made for photographic images and unlimited color imprints with a medium-term service life of 2-3 years*. The choice for a durable banner capturing vibrant, digital imagery. Learn More

Digitally Printed Vinyl: Value choice for photographic images and unlimited color imprints with a short-term service life of 1-2 years*. Perfect for celebrations with specific dates and limited display time. Learn More

Frequently Asked Questions

Campus Banners, like all other large format graphics are priced according to a number of factors including the type of artwork and printing method required, size and shape of the custom graphics, any special finishing requirement and the quantity of the number of graphics needed. Often, all it takes is a simple phone conversation to review your project with one of our sales consultants who will then generate and deliver you an estimate.

The banners that are typically installed on lightpoles around a campus environment are known by a few different names such as, lightpole banners, lamppost banners, campus pole banners, avenue banners, boulevard banners or simply pole banners. These unique banners are installed on light poles in various locations on any given campus. More urban academic institutions often have banners installed in parking lots and on light poles on surrounding streets and sidewalks leading into and around the campus. More suburban or rural environments often have the same installations in parking lots and surrounding streets but also may have smaller, more decorative light poles that span quads and walkways that wind in and around campus environments.

School Pole Banners are offered in three distinct styles, each with an anticipated service life expectation. Screen-printed marine acrylic, or sunbrella banners have an expected service life of 3-5 years. Digitally printed poly canvas banners have an expected service life of 3 years. Digitally printed vinyl banners have an expected service life of 1-2  years.

Production times for any campus or school graphic will vary depending on the size and scope of the project. For campus light pole banners the production times are more predictable with Digital on vinyl banners taking approximately 7-10 production days (M-F) to ship, Digital on Poly Canvas banners, 10-15 production days (M-F) to ship, and Screen-printed sunbrella banners, 20-25 production days (M-F) to ship.



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