Windscreen Banners

Got fences? Are you looking for something to promote your brand outdoors? Custom windscreen banners are an excellent option to be installed on fences of any type. These banners are typically used on chain link fencing that surround athletic fields. They are super durable and can be imprinted with logos, mascots, school colors and a variety of promotional and/or advertising messaging. Another common use for windscreen banners is where they are used on fencing surrounding construction sites where they provide privacy as well as the option to be imprinted with the images of what is being built or refurbished on the site.

These specialized banners allow you to transform a boring fence or area into a promotional space with your custom design printed on the mesh material. Material Promotions offers beautifully designed and printed mesh windscreen banners that can offer several benefits. These banners are ideal for businesses, malls, schools, and any other location that has either permanent or temporary fencing. Mesh windscreens are cost-effective for big-impact visuals, especially in higher wind areas. They are versatile and durable enough to be used in different locations, such as construction site fencing or covering up equipment areas. These mesh screen banners are ideal for providing a layer of privacy and wind protection.    

Features of Windscreen Banners

Baylor Alumni Network Windscreen Banner

Being an inexpensive solution, our privacy fence screens or windscreen banners are perfect for creating secure areas while branding fences at your facility. Some unique features of mesh windscreens are:

  • Brightly printed full-color graphics.
  • Banners are available in custom sizes.
  • Full-bleed printing for maximum visual impact.
  • Different mesh options to choose from depending on the level of wind at your location.
  • Most cost-effective solution for covering large areas.
  • Sewn with webbing reinforced hems.
  • Finished with heavy-duty, brass rolled-rim grommets with spur washers that offer the best security and durability at all the attachment points on all sides of the banner.

Custom Windscreen Materials

“Mesh” is the most suitable material for windscreen banners. Mesh is a woven material with perforations that allow wind to flow through easily. This is the major difference between a high-quality and uniformly perforated windscreen versus an ordinary vinyl banner that will act like a sail.

Le Moyne Softball Windscreen Banner

There are many options available to make windscreen banners. This PVC polyester material comes in a variety of weights and scrim configurations that determine the openings in the mesh weave that will be suitable for any number of applications and wind load areas. Tightly woven mesh can be used in very secure, low to moderate wind effect locations. More porous woven mesh materials can be used in more open, high wind load areas such as on the sides of buildings or when used for Over-the-Street Banners. When considering which mesh material is the most appropriate for your use, beyond wind load considerations, with all things being equal, a tighter woven mesh will produce a higher image resolution than a more open weave. For example, mesh banner material that is made of 8 oz. PVC polyester with a ratio of vinyl to holes at 70/30 creates 37% airflow, and is a good choice for most secure, low-moderate wind load locations. To help determine the best material for your specific requirements, you can reach out to our Design Consultants to help recommend the best solution.

With the number of different configurations of woven mesh material that can provide anywhere from 20%-100% see-through options there is a mesh material for any application.

Advantages of Windscreen Banners

There are many benefits to be had with custom windscreen banners.


The most obvious use and benefit of windscreen banners is that they provide a high degree of privacy around a designated area. This could be a school, construction site or other facility.


Since windscreen banners are printable substrates, they offer a unique and highly visible palette for promotional branding and advertising. These products are used extensively at sporting events of all types. They provide an ideal location to highlight logos, brands and other identifying icons of event sponsors and attendees.

Wind Load Protection

While the purpose of a woven material such as PVC mesh is to provide more wind to pass through the substrate than a solid vinyl material, these products are still extremely effective at reducing wind load. This feature is very beneficial in many sporting arenas such as tennis courts, ball fields and stadiums.

Visual Appeal

While fences or barricades serve their intended purpose to delineate a boundary, they are very utilitarian in nature. These locations are perfect places to add visually stunning, colorful and eye-catching graphics of any type. Branding, sponsorships, logos, mascots, team and school colors, slogans and messaging of any type can be integrated into a design that can excite, impress and capture the attention of attendees at any event.

Our Windscreen Mesh Banners are used in various applications, from enhancing athletic field fencing to providing security and barriers at construction sites. Sometimes, these banner styles can be used for short-term Over-The-Street banners . Printed with our digital full-color artwork, these exterior-grade banners are constructed with the same robust engineering and attention to detail to ensure their integrity, stability, and durability.

How To Order Windscreen Banners At Material Promotions?

Mesh Windscreen Banners

  • Determine Measurements:

    It is essential to determine the measurements of where the windscreen banner is to be installed taking into consideration  the overall length and any breaks in the expanse such as gates and/or irregular directional changes in the layout.The correct banner size will help you know the cost of the banner. Also, it will be helpful to see if you want full mesh printed with a design or if you want solid colors in some areas. For particularly long expanses of fencing or barricades it’s recommended to break up the length into more manageable sections to make the installation easier.

  • Design:

    After measurements, design is the next important factor to consider. We can work with your artwork or you can rely on the assistance of our Graphic Designer team to take your ideas and integrate them into a stunning banner design, turning your vision into reality.  

  • Order:

    Once the size and design are confirmed, you will receive an art approval proof showing exactly how the banner will look once it’s produced. This is the perfect time to review any text, copy, colors and overall layout of the imagery to insure everything is exactly how you want it to be. We like to operate on the premise of, “Measure twice, cut once!” 

Have you got any questions? Get in touch with us! We are happy to help you with the correct information and help you determine the best windscreen banner for your purpose.

Frequently Asked Questions

Often the determining factor in the size of the banner are the dimensions of the fencing where the windscreen banner is being installed. The most common application is to have the windscreen cover the surface area of the fencing. Depending on the dimensions of the area to be covered, windscreen banners can be tiled and seamed together to cover virtually any size surface.

There are any number of ways to install a windscreen banner, with the most appropriate option determined by the size, location and intended duration of the installation. For smaller windscreen banners, or ones that are being used intermittently, plastic zip ties passed through the grommets and fencing will work well. For larger banners, especially ones that will be displayed on a more permanent basis, it’s recommended to use sections of heavy gauge, vinyl coated electrical wire. This product is significantly more UV resistant and far more durable than common zip or cable ties that break down under UV effects. Another option we recommend for long term installations that offers a quick and efficient way to install the banner is to use stainless steel cable ties. With this option you get the benefit of a quick and easy way to secure the banner with the durability and weather resistance of stainless steel.

Yes, there are many solid color dyed windscreen products available. Simply contact one of our Design Consultants to determine the best material to use for your specific application.

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