Upload Your Files

Preferred file types: AI or PDF. We also accept PSD and JPG if sized properly. It is best that you send full size files, saved as individual files (or a multi-page PDF). If sending a JPG, be sure that the highest resolution is sent as well as the exact dimensions for the print. (JPGs cannot be used for screen printed banners.)

  • Art should be in its own file at full resolution. (For example, the file for a 28” x 60” banner should be 28” x60”.) Art Files do NOT need to be on a template.
  • Avoid placing important aspects of your design within 1” of the edges and seams.
  • Digital printing will print to the edges and on pockets. Screen printing typically does not but can be requested for an additional charge.
    Outline your fonts so text prints as intended.

Email us at artwork@materialpromotions.com with any questions or concerns. We are always happy to help with your designs. If you need assistance with this process, just let us know!

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