Digital Print on Poly Canvas Banners

Our Digital-Print-Poly Canvas banners offer many benefits for our customers who are looking for a long lasting, durable banner that can be produced in full color, and/or with photographic images. Our marine-grade canvas is a great option for customers who don’t want vinyl banners. While our 22 oz premium Block Out vinyl is an excellent option for many applications, our Poly Canvas banners offer a far longer service life, and have the look and feel of a high-end more upscale product.

Unlike the other canvas option of a screen-printed marine acrylic banner which cannot achieve full-color, photographic images, a digitally printed poly canvas custom pole banner can with stunning results. Additionally, this banner option allows for multiple designs across the entire banner order. For example, customers who want to have a seasonal banner installation may choose a different design for each Lamp Post Banner they have.

Our polyester custom canvas banners offer many of the same features as our screen printed banners, including similar durability and longevity not found in vinyl banners.

Small orders of just a few banners, or orders that require multiple designs can be expensive for the screen printed style, as individual screens and set-ups are required for each spot color in the design. Our Digital Poly Canvas banners can be produced in any quantity–even a single banner–at a much lower price point than the screen printed style.

As With Our Screen Printed Banners, Our Digital Poly Banners Share These Options:

  • Marine-grade/Exterior-grade canvas.

  • UV resistant inks.

  • Double-rolled hems and poles sleeves, double needle lock-stitching with UV resistant, color coded polyester thread.

  • Heavy-duty, brass spur grommets.

We can customize any aspect of an existing design you have, or using one of our stock banner designs as a starting point we can customize colors, text, and messaging to meet your exact requirements.

With our complementary Graphic Design & Artwork services, you can work directly with someone on our team to create a banner design that captures your vision!

As Custom Pole Banner specialists, we work with customers nationwide in many industries including municipalities, academic institutions, corporations, retail operations and business customers of all sizes. Additionally, we work quite extensively as a supplier to the trades. Print brokers, Corporate print buyers, Sign shops, Holiday Decor companies and others use our products and services to fulfill their customers’ needs. By providing Pole Banners Wholesale to the trades, we offer high-quality products at competitive wholesale pricing. To learn more about our Reseller Program visit our page at:

Wholesale Reseller Program – Material Promotions

Digital Street Light Pole Banners Features:

  • Medium term service life. 3 Years.*

  • Excellent choice when vinyl pole banners aren’t an option.

  • Good for multiple designs across all banners in an order.

  • Unlimited color imprints including photographic output.

  • Cost effective for small volume runs.

  • Depending on the artwork these banners can be constructed either single or double ply on marine grade poly canvas.

  • Printed with 3M UV inks.

  • Full color designs and/or photographic imagery.

  • Double rolled side hems and pole sleeves sewn with double-needle lock-stitching with UV resistant, color matched thread.

  • Brass spur-tooth grommets set in multiple layers of fabric to insure secure method for securing banner to bracket base. 

Service Life: It’s difficult to predict exact durability and longevity of any banner type as many variables affect this benchmark, including weather conditions, banner hardware, and installation integrity. In our experience, our light post banners will perform as represented when they are professionally installed, on a premium grade, high quality banner bracket system, utilizing the recommended, proper installation technique for that banner.

Frequently Asked Questions

While there is some commonality in Custom Pole Banner sizing, we make banners in a multitude of sizes. Some of the more common sizes used throughout the industry are small pole banners that are 18” x 36”, medium pole banners that are 24” x 48”, and large pole banners that are 30” x 60”. Note that due to fabric yield and finishing requirements, our screen-printed, marine acrylic banners will typically finish at 28” wide.
Yes, we have an extensive network of resellers in a variety of industries who outsource their Custom Pole Banner orders with us. As a trusted business partner, we collaborate with our wholesale customers offering them high-quality products and very competitive price points.
Yes, in addition to having the ability to make smaller, more appropriate sized banners, we offer a premium Lamp Post Banner bracket kit that has a black bracket base, and is supplied with black stainless bands for installing the banner bracket kits to the poles. The black painted option coordinates well with the traditionally black painted decorative Lamp Posts. downtown banner

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