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What are Pole Pockets for banners?

What are Pole Pockets for banners? Pole Pockets Are A Vinyl Banner Finishing Option that Material Productions offers for each and every custom pole banner. Pole pockets are extra material added and wrapped around the back side of the custom banner. The the pole pocket is then heat welded to create the 2 inch seam or 3 inch seam.

Where can you place Pole Pockets on a banner?

Pole pockets can be placed on many places of the banner. They can be:

  1. On the top
  2. On the bottom
  3. Right Side
  4. Left Side
  5. On both top and bottom
  6. Both right and left
  7. Even on all sides of the banner

Things you should know before starting your pole banner design

When ordering your custom banner with pole pockets we will make sure your artwork is the approximate size you want it to be finished. There are some things that our banner customers usually don’t know. They can be crucial to how their banner and banner design will turn out.

When creating your custom banner artwork you should keep all the text and images 3+ inches away from the edge of the banner. This will make sure to avoid a seam to run through the image on the banner. Making sure our customers get the custom banners they want and envisioned. Taking care of our custom banner customer is what makes up the best pole banner company.

Let’s get started on your custom pole banner

Getting started can be a tricky process when thinking of custom pole banner design for you pole banner. In addition we carry other options such as hems and grommets for our custom vinyl banners. Also having the custom banner options like 2 inch pole pockets or 3 inch pole pockets are available to our banner customers. Contact Us today or visit Material Productions to set up your appointment today.

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