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There’s Still Time To Order Your Holiday Pole Banners

It’s still time to order your holiday pole banners with Material Productions. Optical illusion? Nope, this is actually the same banner with a different design on the front and back. With our custom pole banners and master banner craftsmanship, we give our customers something unique for them. Having options when it comes to making your banner is what all of our customers are seeking for. This is all part of what we do here at Material Promotions. 

What Options Are There For Your Holiday Custom Pole Banners?

Our premium digitally printed canvas pole banners are only but the quality and durable. Our quality banners are priced according to what custom pole banner or banners you are trying to have done. Custom pole banner pricing is based on a numerous amount of options:

  1. Type of Banner-Canvas or Vinyl
  2. Size of Custom pole banners
  3. Quantity
  4. Artwork/Design Requirements
  5. Based on the cost of the raw materials
  6. The labor involved

Regardless of both styles of banners the more art needed for the design you want the more expensive the pole banner can be. The more simple the art is less expensive. Having two different images back to front on the pole banner is more expensive. Multiple ink colors are being used while using the same image in both sides would be more cost-effective.

Get In Touch With Us For Your Holiday Banners Today

Canvas banners can be more expensive than vinyl. There are times though where large runs of simple canvas banners can be less expensive than vinyl. There’s a lot of time to get your winter holiday pole banners. Contact us to get a chance to get the pole banners you’ve been looking for.

The holidays are right around the corner. A great way to be festive this season is getting holiday pole banners to show your holiday spirit. It’s still a great time to order. Material Productions can help you get your holiday banners with quick turn-around time to be ready for this upcoming season. If you’d like to take a look at some more custom pole banner designs you can click the link before this text.


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