Light Pole Banners

The Use Of Light Pole Banners Is Exploding Across The Country!

Light Pole BannersLight pole banners are an economical and highly effective promotional medium for cities, towns, villages and metropolitan centers. Lightpole banners—often referred to as avenue banners, street banners, pole banners, boulevard banners, flag banners, street pole banners, among other names–can provide a perfect medium for displaying a welcoming and informative message, in a bright, eye-catching and highly visible manner.Light pole banners can be constructed out of a variety of materials although the two most common methods are screenprinting (spot color) on acrylic canvas–sunbrella— or digital (full color) on reinforced vinyl. Both methods provide a great output and will create lightpole banners that will perform beautifully in any downtown setting. We have a material and fabric style for every application, every budget, every project, every time!

Lightpole Banners Highlight Brand Awareness & Promote A Professional Presence

Many communities use outdoor pole banners to portray a unifying message. Some communities use pole banners to promote commerce, tourism or industry. And some communities use street pole banners to display community spirit and unique identifying characteristics. And we’ve been told that that some communities put up street pole banners just because they look great!

Lightpole banners are used by organizations all across the country. Medical centers, hospitals, shopping malls, museums and corporate parks all use lightpole banners to “get the message out.” Our lightpole banners are made with premium materials from start to finish.

We make light pole banners for:

  • Shopping centers that want to celebrate the season and create inviting and welcoming environments.
  • Medical centers that want to promote awareness of their capabilities and highlight their Health Grade Awards.
  • Museums that want to promote events and special shows.
  • Auto Dealerships that want to highlight brand awareness and promote a professional and welcoming presence.


Send us your ideas or suggestions for banners, or let us design a concept from scratch for you. If you have existing artwork, we can reproduce as is or modify as required. We are very flexible in our approach to assisting you create a pole banner program that is truly unique and completely captures your vision.

Choose from a wide variety of exterior-grade materials and printing options that will provide outstanding visual impact and provide years of durable service. Every banner we manufacture is built with the highest grade materials like Sunbrella, marine acrylic, Herculite vinyl, Wilflex heat cured inks, Stimpson brass spur gromments, Solar Max nylon…..right down to the Sunguard UV resistant polyester thread.

Our light pole banners are built with an attention to detail and craftsmanship often overlooked in today’s price-driven marketplace. We won’t compromise on quality and value in our light pole banner products. We sweat the small stuff so you don’t have to.