Custom Polyester & Nylon Banners and Flags

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Nylon and Polyester Banners and Flags

Nylon and polyester are great choices for branding and logo banners, as well as custom flags. We make these banners and flags for retail point-of-purchase, school spirit campaigns, sporting events and branding campaigns.

Similar to light pole banner applications there are two basic methods for printing this particular product. For projects that include small quantity runs, multiple designs or photographic images we can print direct-to-fabric or use a dye-sublimation process. For projects that include high volume runs and simple brand logos, screen-printing on nylon is the best option. Either of these finished products can be supplied with any number of finishing techniques such as hems and grommets, dowels and decorative cords or poles sleeves for hanging.

Our nylon fabric comes in over 70 colors and it can be printed and finished in any number of ways depending on the application.

How Your Custom Nylon Banner is Made

One method is to print on one side of the material for what is considered a reverse read—the logo and text read correctly on one side and is reversed on the other. Another approach we use is to have two pieces of fabric printed and sewn together with a liner which prevents shadowing of the image from front to back and allows the text and logo to be read correctly on both sides. For lighter banners that need to “fly” in a breeze, the single-sided method, or “reverse-read” is preferred. In an application where it is important to have the logo or graphic and text read correctly on both sides of the banner, the item is produced as a two-ply piece.

Nylon & Polyester banners and flags can be printed and fashioned in any number of sizes, shapes, and configurations. Some of the more typical sizes are 18” x 36”, 24” x 48” and 36” x 60”.  Our stadium flags are made in almost any size from hand-carried logo banners of 6’x12’ to large stadium section banners that can be unfurled over stadium seats.

This exciting custom product can be finished in various shapes which include rectangles, squares or any number of trapezoidal shapes with single points (chevrons), double points or curves or rounded bottoms. These banners can be finished with any number of special applications including fabric foil on the edges, custom hanging pockets or attachment points or even fringe!

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