Building Banner at Ashtabula Medical Center

Building Banner at Ashtabula Medical Center

Large Building Banner - ACMCWhen the Ashtabula County Medical Center in Ashtabula, Ohio received the prestigious Top Workplaces of 2013 Award one of their next calls was to Material Promotions to inquire about designing a promotional campaign commensurate with this outstanding achievement.

Street Banner - ACMCWorking with the facilities’ engineering staff our designers helped create a light pole banner and building banner combination that allowed the impact of the individual banners to be viewed on light poles that traversed the campus and surrounding streets, while culminating with a huge entryway building banner that displayed the award in full color to those entering the building.

Utilizing exterior grade marine acrylic fabrics and UV resistant inks our designers were able to capture the depth and brilliance of the award emblem’s golden hues by showcasing it on a natural canvas palette.

For the building banner we relied on an 8 ounce reinforced synthetic mesh which was digitally printed with UV resistant inks and finished with reinforced webbing hems and all brass grommets for installation into the brick-face.

Two Banners - ACMC

For all your soft-signage needs, no matter the scope or scale of the project, you can rely on Material Promotions for the design, print and construction expertise to insure a great looking and long lasting promotional campaign for your businesses, corporate buildings, shopping centers, schools and of course, “top work place” medical centers like Ashtabula Medical Center!